Take Pride in Your Ride!

Providing Excellent Car Wash Services Since 1976

Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning With Our Help

You will be pleasantly surprised at how rich a shine, and how clean a car can be.
We especially work on the details, pleasing every customer with attention to their personal preferences and needs. We cater to a variety of different services at different price points. Whatever you want for your car is available to you at the Westwood Car Wash; Extra attention to vacuum, or rims, or glass, and those cup holders, you name it, and we will clean it. Have it your way.

With our state-of-the-art McNeil Equipment gently cleaning your car using foam fingers and the highest quality Simoniz products, you will find our service exceptional.
With over 40 years of experience and loyal employees that have been working with us for over 20 years. Many of our customers speak to our employees by name. Oftentimes, many of our customers find that the employees know without being told exactly what that customer likes.

We offer many extras to suit your needs; armor-all for your tires, hand cleaned rims, extra vacuuming for your interior, specialty waxes that can protect, and shine, in addition to underbody sprays. In the winter we pay special attention to remove the Salt, and grime that can damage your car. And in the spring, we bring in special products to focus on tree sap and pollen.

Summer can be for the birds but we can get that off too. We are an active part of the car wash association enabling us to stay up to date on the Industry Standards and what new technology is best for your car. Car paint has evolved over the years, and we use new products that are paint friendly and will never damage your car. As the owner, my Jaguar, and my managers Corvette goes through daily and we are proud to say that our paint is still in showroom condition thanks to your equipment and choice of products.

For those times the kids just made a mess, come in and add a VIP Interior to any service and we will have you out and smiling in no time. This service focuses on all those hard-to-reach places and cleans up nice. It only takes an extra 5 minutes to have your car clean and smelling fresh again.

In addition, we have a wonderful card section that our customers love to read and laugh as their car goes through. We have coffee, drinks, air fresheners, candy, and free lollipops for the kids.