Take Your Car to Our Drive-Through Oil Change Service


10-Minutes Oil Lube

Welcome to our drive-through 10-minute oil change with our 19-point checkup. You can stay in your car read the paper, enjoy our complimentary coffee or just catch up on your phone and e-mail. Relax you are in good hands.

Our ASE Certified technicians only use high-quality oil API Certified. The 19-point checkup is completed and our polite and caring Technicians will answer any questions you may have. Some things are simple and quick like light bulbs and fluid levels and as we take care of them we will alert you to any possible future problems. We will alert you to any issues whether it is in our scope or recommend a reliable service provider.

We are fluid specialists. We stay up to date on the newest fluids and cars—there is no guesswork in our shop. We have the special fluid you need for your unique vehicle; we pride ourselves on knowing what your vehicle needs and having it in stock when you need it.

We have 35 years of experience and expertise, we are constantly updating our equipment and products; we keep records on all your vehicle history, which enables us to maintain, and extend the life and value of the vehicle.


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Synthetic Oils: Just the Facts

15,000 Miles a Year: Up to 5.0 quarts of oil
Convention Oils: Good protection for your long-term
investment (Vehicle)!

5 Visits every 3,000 miles = 15,000 = Average price for oil change $50.47 X 5 Visits = $252.35 Yearly
Synthetic Blends: Better Value for your investment (Vehicle) – Time and Protection!
4 Visits every 4,000 miles = 16,000 miles = Average price for oil change $71.80 x 4 Visits = $287.20 Yearly
Full Synthetic: Best Value for your investment (Vehicle) –
Time and Money!

3 Visits every 5,000 miles = 15,000 miles = Average price for oil change $82.46 X 3 Visits = $247.38 Yearly
Full Synthetic Oils work with oil life monitors so you may go even further between oil changes with Synthetic oils.


19–Point Inspection

5.0 Quarts of Oil

Oil Filter Change

Tire Pressure Adjustment

Washer Fluid Top Off

Power Steering Top Off

Air Filter Checked

Wiper Blade Inspection

Cabin Air Filter Check

Visual Brakes Inspection

Transmission Fluid Top-Off

Tires Inspected

Anti-Freeze Checked

Grease Joints

Lube Doors

Headlights Checked

Tail Lights Checked

Signals Lights Checked

Serpentine Belt Check

Windows Washed

Oil Changes

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Full Synthetic Oil Change

Check Engine light (ODB) Scan

Tire Rotation Car / SUV / Truck

Tire Repair

Battery Installation

Wiper Blade Replacement

Aquapel Pro Glass Treatment

Brake Service (Starting at)

Headlamp Restoration

Serpentine Belt replaced (Starts at)

Differential Fluid Change

Transfer Case Fluid Change

Synthetic Differential Change

Fuel System Cleaning

Cooling System (Radiator) Flush

Long-Life Radiator Flush

A/C Service (Starting at)

A/C Deodorizer

Transmission Fluid Flush

Engine Flush

Dry Gas

Light Bulb Replacement

Cabin Air Filters







Varies by Battery

Varies by Size













$120/ $220



Priced Per Bulb

Priced Per Car


Gift certificates available


+ $2.50 Disposal Fee
+ NJ State Sales Tax

* Additional charge may apply on some oil filters